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Department of Small Savings - Govt. of Karnataka
Karnataka State Employees Group Insurance Scheme

Karnataka State Employee’s Group Insurance Scheme 1981 was issued vide G.O. No.FD 80 SRP (CSC) 81, dated:21.12.1981 which took effect from 01.01.1982 to provide for the State Government employees at a low cost and on a wholly contributory and self financing basis the twin benefits of an insurances cover to help their nominees in the event of death while in service along with lumpsum payment from the savings fund and a lumpsum payment to augment their resources on retirement.

This Schemes shall apply to,

  1. All State Government employees appointed in accordance with the rules of recruitment.
  2. State Government employees borne on workcharged establishment on time scales of pay,
  3. State Government employees borne on contingent establishment on time scales of pay, and
  4. Employees, other than those mentioned at (i) to (iii) above, to whom the ‘Scheme’ may be extended under orders of Government.

Membership is compulsory for all State Government employees.  The Scheme has two funds

  1. Savings fund – with Rs.6.875 for every contribution of Rs.10-
  2. Insurance Fund – with Rs.3.125 for every contribution of Rs.10-

At present the groupwise contribution is given below;

Group              Monthly subscription
A                         Rs. 240/-
B                         Rs. 180-
C                         Rs. 120/-
D                         Rs. 60/-


Insurance Fund

An amount of Rs.3.125 for every Rs.10- monthly subscription will be credited to Insurance Fund.

The amount of insurance cover is Rs.10,000 for every Rs.10- monthly subscription.  Ex. A group D employee whose subscription to Employee’s Group Insurance Scheme every month is Rs.60- will have an insurance cover of Rs.60,000- similarly it is Rs.1,20,000- Rs.1,80,000- Rs.2,40,000- for Group C, B and A respectively.  As their subscription will be Rs.120-, Rs.180- and Rs.240/-


Savings Fund

An amount of Rs.6.875- for every Rs.10- monthly subscription will be credited to Savings Fund which will be held in public A/c by the Government.  The total accumulation of savings together with interest thereon shall be payable to the member on his retirement or on cessation of employment with the State Government or to his nominee / family on his death while in service.  The rate of interest at present is 8% p.a.  The Government vide Notification No.AE 01 SAVIYO 2007, dated:20.09.2007 have amended the Karnataka State Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1981 and introduced payment tables from 84 to 109 with effect from 01.01.2007.

In case of death of a member the payment of the amount of Insurance shall be in addition to the payment from Savings Fund.

No withdrawal or advance is allowed from the account

Government of Karnataka vide order No.FD 25 Savula 201, dated:21.04.2010 have designated Director, KGID as the Administrator of the Scheme.  For further details contact Director, KGID, V.V.Towers, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore.


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