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Letter Monitoring System (LMS / PATRA) is a comprehensive package developed to help monitor the movement and pendancey of letters and assist in easy tracking of letters. The software is designed to work on a Local Area Network (LAN).
It is an integrated package which gives administrative support right form creation of inward letters coming from various departments / sections, sending them to others sections of the departments and monitoring movement of letter.

In the computerized system, the R & I section will have the provision to enter the basic details of the letter in LMS. The letters can be moved with appropriate remarks to the concerned section. This runs parallel to the manual procedure of sending the physical letters to those sections. The receiving sections will be required to acknowledge those receipts in LMS after receiving the physical letter. Sending the receipts to next higher officer and acknowledgment of letters will be available to all the sections. The section officer can mark the letter to Caseworkers. The caseworkers carryout the disposal of receipts (filing in a current file. Opening a new file) based on the Section officers' remarks. The LMS software would provide various registers and delivery books maintained at various stages, movement of letters/ status information, reports on letter pending can be obtained. Caseworker-wise receipts marked, pending, workload analysis can performed easily.

The software also provides facility to capture the details of tappals to be dispatched. The related registers, address list to use on covers can be generated form LMS.
It is also supported by various combinations of queries, which make retrieval of letters easy based on any parameter of a letter. Many reports are also provided to support the regular, routine requirements of the department.

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