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Fire Safety Policy

The Karnataka State Fire Services perform the very vital role of fire prevention and safety as well as fire fighting and suppression in times of fire accidents. The department has been recently re-christened as the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services. Because of this, Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services (KSFES) has a dual mandate of fire prevention and safety, fire fighting/suppression, as well as of playing an important role in disaster preparedness and management. The three major objectives of KSFES are:

  • Fire safety education, fire prevention, fire suppression and fire fighting,
  • Search and Rescue operations (SAR), and
  • Emergency Para Medical Services (EPMS).

Present Status

At present 115 fire stations in 97 taluks of 27 districts are functioning in the state.  79 taluks in the state are yet to have a fire station.  Government has sanctioned 27 fire stations covering 24 taluks during the past 10 years, which are yet to be opened.  Still there are 55 taluks where the services of the department have to be extended.  Even the sanctioned 27 fire stations have not been opened because of acute shortage of funds.   The existing fire stations also need to be upgraded.  At the rate at which the fire station coverage has been increasing in the recent past in the state, it will take another 35 to 40 years to cover the entire state, which itself is an unacceptably long period and by which time additional demands would have arisen.  Thus there is an urgent need to expand, upgrade, modernize and reform the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services so as to meet the expectations of the general public of the state for the provision of fire, search and rescue (SAR) and emergency para medical services (EPMS). 



To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the department has prepared a plan for accelerated development of fire and emergency services.  The department has taken stock of the current scenario and proposes to fill the gaps also and move towards complete coverage of the state by 2010.

This is called the Karnataka State Accelerated Fire and Emergency Services Improvement Project or K-SAFE 2010. The following are the objectives of this project: